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STUDY.UA Summer Schools International Forum in Kyiv, Ukraine:
9th April, 2017

To increase the number of summer bookings STUDY.UA Company arranged already the 2nd annual Fair in Kyiv, Ukraine, which took place at the Radisson Blu Hotel on the 9th of April. This exhibition didn’t make an exception to our previous educational events and became a perfect start for new sales!

What was special in STUDY.UA Summer Schools International Forum?

  • Almost 1000 visitors keep our foreign representatives and their helpers busy during the day.
  • 16 partners represented language schools, vacation camps and university summer programs in UK, USA, Canada, Malta, Cyprus, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and the Republic of South Africa.
  • 5 educational seminars were held by our partners and experts.
  • STUDY.UА Company presented its own Summer projects for juniors − record amount of group trips abroad, day programs in Kyiv, Summer camp near Kyiv and brand new camp in Carpathian mountains.
  • Special zone was ready to register clients with benefits for immediate registration.

It was quite windy that weekend, so to warm our guests up we organized special lottery with the possibility to win two weeks of studying English abroad! Some little surprises were organized for the smallest visitors of the fair. Children could try themselves in making delicious and funny cookies while their parents were busy choosing what to do this Summer.

Looking for fresh ideas we never forget about basic principles of any successful event. That’s why STUDY.UA Summer Schools International Forum was held in the Radisson Blu Hotel, which highly recommended its hospitality and comfort during previous exhibitions.

We are happy to report that the next day after fair we began to receive clients’ calls. It’s the most important feedback we could have! Many thanks to our partners for attending − with your support we organize the best educational events in Ukraine!

We can’t help making plans for our next exhibition and definitely want each of our current and perspective partners to join us in October!

Photo report of the Summer Schools International Forum 2017 and our partners’ testimonials are shown below.

Positive aftertaste

Christine Garibian
Oxford International

It was a pleasure to meet wonderful STUDY.UA team! Thanks a lot for the well-organized fair, I really enjoyed the day spent with STUDY.UA.

Christopher Gas
St Lawrence College

Thank you for hosting and inviting us to this event! I was pleased with the inquiries we have received and I look forward to many further students to ESL Camp at St Lawrence College.

Oleksiy Halato

Thank you for having organized this event! I really enjoyed your Forum and on behalf of don Quijote and Enforex I would like to express our sincere gratitude for your kind support and assistance. Your Forum totally met our expectations and we will be happy to attend any of your future events again.

Paul Ridler
Kings Education

Thanks so much! It was really a pleasure to see all STUDY.UA team again.

Rica Marcus
Bell English

Thank you for a lovely, well-organised fair! I very much enjoyed the day!

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