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Летние каникулы 2019
Групповые поездки за границу. 10 стран, 30 городов, 100 поездок для школьников и студентов.
Англоязычные каникулы в Украине
Британский лагерь STUDY.UA
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STUDY.UA International Summer School Forum in Kiev:
10th April, 2016

In advance of summer season STUDY.UA Company decided to organize International Summer School Forum in Kiev, Ukraine, which took place at the Radisson Blu Hotel on the 10th of April. After weeks of preparation this idea grew to remarkable educational event, extremely useful both for our clients and partners.

We always do our best to provide STUDY.UA's foreign partners with clients from all over Ukraine. Exhibitions and forums represent an essential part of our marketing activities aimed at attracting potential students for studying abroad. This particular time we dedicated our event to promoting language courses, vacation camps and universities' summer programs for students of all ages.

We believe that ranking the auditory for its interests can have a great impact. And it really turned out to be so! We've got a huge feedback from our guests, interested in studying languages this summer. There is no doubt that the Forum has resulted in dozens of satisfied clients.

Facts and figures about International Summer School Forum:

  • 15 partners presented their programs;
  • More than 700 visitors for one day;
  • Hundreds of educational summer programs from all over the world;
  • 15 educational seminars held by foreign representatives and STUDY.UA experts.

There was arranged a special zone for immediate clients registration, which, by the way, never was empty. There were also stands of STUDY.UA Company's own projects – Summer group trips for juniors and Summer camps in Kiev. Most of our perspective clients joined the lottery of special offers and tried their luck in winning discounts for our services and courses.

We hope that each visitor and each participant enjoyed the International Summer School Forum as much as we did! We would like to thank our partners for coming and sharing this unforgettable experience and gala-dinner with us. Our STUDY.UA team is looking forward to arrange next event and waiting for your support! We are open for new partnerships as well so that we can be sure we're offering the best to our clients.

Photo report of the International Summer School Forum “Summer 2016” is shown below.

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