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March 2012: STUDY.UA Education Abroad Exhibition

STUDY.UA Education Exhibition on March 18, 2012 was held at the main expo hall of Kiev – Ukrainian House. Just after the first few minutes of the official start of the event, the Exhibition Hall was crowded with visitors, willing to know more about opportunities of education abroad. The event has gathered 8000 visitors – more than 7 other Ukrainian agent fairs combined.

STUDY.UA exhibition EDUCATION ABROAD, March 2012

Main highlights:

  • More than 8000 visitors attended the event;
  • 40 international partners of STUDY.UA took part in the exhibition;
  • 480 education programmes in more then 30 countries were presented;
  • 15 seminars were held during the event with total attendance of 2500 visitors;
  • 150 educational prizes were awarded to the visitors including 12 educational trips.

Our guests

Students and high school pupils along with their parents were looking for different options of language study programmes, boarding schools and higher education opportunities abroad. Visitors had a chance to get acquainted with leading schools and universities, talk to their representatives and get first-hand answers to the hundreds of questions.

Even more interactive than ever

During the exhibition, 15 educational seminars were held in two media halls. Throughout the day, more than 2500 attendees participated in the seminars and presentations of the educational programmes.

The exhibition was accompanied by a competition among young learners of English, French, German and Spanish languages. The winners were presented with special prizes from the partner organizations – free of charge educational programmes in UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France and Spain.

Our international partners

This time we have welcomed 40 international partners that presented over 480 educational programmes.

The participants were satisfied with the level of organization of the event and the attendance of the exhibition surpassed all expectations. STUDY.UA Education Exhibition on the 18th of March 2012 has strengthen the position of STUDY.UA as the leading provider of educational programmes in Ukraine.

Testimonials of our partners after the Education Exhibition March 18, 2012

Alexander Fitsner
Anglo-Continental School of English, UK

I would like to say that is it by far the best educational fair I have done in Ukraine (and I did do quite a few of them) the amount of public was beyond anticipation, but far more importantly so was the quality. Most youngsters were accompanied by their parents which insured the decision makers met the educators. In addition to all the above the spectrum of interest in terms of courses greatly matched what was on offer which means the public was accurately targeted. I am definitely participating next year.

Noel Borg

I am literally speechless after the excellent one day Fair organised by Study.UA this March. Speechless in so far as, I have never had to speak to intensively and so much at a student fair in all my years of attending agent fairs. This fair was literally massive, the sheer volume of students who visited our stand interested in all language programmes and destinations. I was impressed by the professionalism of Study.UA employees who looked after us. For educational institutions looking to promote themselves in Ukraine, this is one fair that should be a must on our business calendars.

Svetlana Balaba
Centennial college, CANADA

It was a pleasure to participate in the fair. I have never attended a fair which was so well organized. Thank you so much for all your hard work. It was unbelievable. I am looking forward new fairs and I want to believe that this event will bring lots of business for both of our companies.

Mark Ransley

I would like to express my sincere thanks for inviting our school to attend your STUDY UA student fair. Your organisation was of the highest quality and your professional staff were absolutely splendid. The large number of students and parents that visited our stand showed great interest in our programmes. This fair is an excellent way to reach prospective students from Ukraine. I will definitely be back next year and for many years to come.

Carla Kearns
Educatius International, USA

It was a great show - well organized and I commend your team. Excellent attendance, I spoke with an enormous number of potential students, and Alona(the assistant at the fair – STUDY.UA) was a great help.

Hartmut Flieger
Sprachschule zum Ehrstein Freiburg, GERMANY

I am very thankful for all the support from you and the Study.UA team during my stay in Kiev. The fair was amazing. It was extraordinarily well coordinated. And I can only express my admiration for the efficiency of the organization and the number of students you mobilized to come to the fair. I was also overwhelmed by the very warm welcome and the hospitality I received from your side even though you had so much work to preparing the fair. Please give my warmest thanks to everyone on your staff and to your excellent directors!

Svetlana Shtengelova
Enforex & Don Quijote Spanish Language Schools, SPAIN

On behalf of Don Quijote and Enforex we would like to thank you for your invitation to the event. It was a pleasure for us to participate in your fair for the second time and to see that your event becomes better from year to year. As a result of good promotion campaign there were a big number of visitors and all of them really interested in studying abroad. In general the whole level of the event was very high, everything very well arranged, we received many interested students and hope they will become real clients. If you are going to arrange such event in the future we would be glad to participate again.

Dave Few
St Kings Colleges, UK

The day began with a bang! As soon as the doors opened floods of interested students and parents flocked the Ukrainian Exhibition Centre to see what Study.UA had to offer. The noise of curious parents and excited children filled the building like it had been in the 1970's but for completely different motives. There was no time to stop, no time to sit down. Once one introduction was finished another would start. This was the the biggest fair of the season! Congratulations must be given to Alexander and his very skilled team of staff and interpreters who were able to handle speaking and promoting for as long as the best of us. Kings Colleges is proud to have been a part of this and truly thanks everyone for coming. You were the ones that made this a success! The children of today will make the future for tomorrow.

Vicky Sanahuja
Hispania, escuela de espanol, SPAIN

I would like to say THANK YOU for STUDY.UA TEAM for making us feel so comfortable and welcomed since the very first moment we arrive in Kiev. Also, I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS because of the Study Fair. We were visited by so many students who are interested in coming to Spain for study Spanish or for getting prepared for passing the University Entrance Exam and study in a Spanish University. STUDY.UA is so well organized and professional and this made the event so successful for all the participants. We are sure we will come back next year! Muchos besos desde Valencia y muchas gracias!!!!

Galina Vladimirova

Thanks for your excellent organization. The Fair was amazing! It was busy and only because of your high professionalism STUDY.UA managed to gather so many students from 9am on Spring Sunny Sunday Morning till 6 pm...Non-stop stream of motivated and serious prospective students.It was my pleasure to be a part of it.

Richard Breeson

I thought that this was a very well organized and positive fair! I had the opportunity to speak with many excellent students and was very pleased to be involved. At Kaplan International Colleges, we are always keen to have more Ukrainian students studying with us as we find them to be very high-performing students both at our colleges and when they progress to our partner Universities. I was also grateful to have an excellent translator and assistant who helped me no-end. The fair was very busy and well attended by both students and their parents and many of them were very interested in studying at top universities in the UK.

Keith Watson
Malaspina High School, CANADA.

I would like to express my appreciation to the Study.UA team for their dedication to our institution. The Study.UA fair was an excellent opportunity to showcase programs of Malaspina High School as well as pathway programs to Vancouver Island University. We were the only Canadian university and high school at the fair and for this we felt like special guests. My Study.UA advisor - Anna was quick to learn about VIU and pathways. This was no easy task as we have over 200 programs on a campus of ten thousand students. I was fortunate to have a student from my high school and his father helping Anna and I at our booth. We needed all the help we could get because we had a steady stream of students and parents interested in Canada, Postgraduate, Undergraduate, English Language Centre, Group programs, summer camps and Malaspina High School. Thank you Study.UA! Your team is friendly, supportive and dedicated to students and families. I look forward to a rewarding partnership.

Ebru Coc
St Sabanci University, Turkey.

The organization was very professional, fair was very crowded, full of good candidates and Anna (the assistant at the fair – STUDY.UA) who helped me during the fair, was great. I think this fair is just a begining of our fruitful cooperation.

Joanne Hake
St Kings College, UK.

We would like to thank all the team at Study.UA for organising a highly successful exhibition in Kiev. This is a new market for our school and the support given by the team was second to none. The event was very well promoted, visitor numbers were high and we spoke with lots of interested families. We valued the professionalism of all the staff and look forward to working with Study.UA in the future.

Tim Cooke
St ELAC Study Vacations, UK.

This was my first visit to the Ukraine and my first exhibition with StudyUA and they were both great experiences. Study UA organised a really successful exhibition both in terms of providing information and guidance to Schools like ours but more importantly to the students and parents who visited the exhibition. The exhibition day was busy from the start to the finish with a great number of students and parents looking for suitable courses and it culminated in the prize ceremony which was a perfect way to finish a successful exhibition. We are looking forward to working with StudyUA this summer and in the future and I am looking forward to visiting Kiev again soon.

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