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October 2013: STUDY.UA Education Abroad Exhibition

This year October exhibition has gathered 60 educators, 100 STUDY.UA staff and about 5000 visitors over 2 days. There was a fair distribution of the attention towards education programs in the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, USA and Canada.

"We are now starting to see a positive shift in the people's mind: parents start thinking about education abroad for their children from earlier age. School education abroad and Bachelor programs are becoming more popular, whilst Postgraduate programs and language courses have always been in a great demand", - says Elina Minasian, Sales Manager of STUDY.UA.

STUDY.UA exhibition, october 21, 2013

This time the STUDY.UA Education Exhibition was held in the main conference room of the Business center Parus, well known as the most prestigious business complex in the very centre of Kiev. Education partners of our company were able to meet prospective students and their parents, answer their questions in interactive manner and feel themselves the demand in education abroad among Ukrainians. Noteworthy was the quality and the stream of prospective students throughout both days of the fair. As usual education representatives were kept busy with consultations till the end of the fair.

Marketing campaign, that had preceded the event was comprehensive, and aimed the target audience. All visitors were able to find the programs they were looking for and to attend one of the seminars on the specific topic. About 7 seminars a day were held at the exhibition, covering aspects of Language Courses, School Education, University Preparation and Higher Education in different countires.

Positive aftertaste

Polina Slepukhina
Thompson Rivers University

Congratulations! One more successful event is done and once again Im happy to be a part of it. Great organization, location, advertising and most importantly lots of potential students that seems to know what they are looking for. On behalf of TRU I look forward to coming back again and joining your events as its always a great combination of hard work, high quality service and fun! Thanks a lot once again and see you soon!:)

Svetlana Balaba
Centennial college

It was my pleasure to participate at another successful fair organized by STUDY.UA! We have been working together for a long time and I am impressed with the results of your fairs.

Elizaveta Evans

Thank you so much for organizing such a wonderful fair! Everything from pre-made business card and posters to lunch was perfect and very well organized. My assistant was very knowledgeable and helped me a lot to recruit new students. This is by far one of my favorite fairs, so I will definitely come again.

Olga Chukova
Study Group

It was my third time already since I'm attending your fair and I have to say that as always I am very much pleased that everything was arranged on a very high level, the fair itself was huge as usual but with a really good quality of students. The start was very early but proved to be right as it's absolutely amazing that there were so many students waiting until the doors are open to come and ask their most important questions about studying abroad. There were so many students from different parts of Ukraine just to come for one day to find out information they are interested in and I believe it's a great success for that you organize this and let students become a bit closer to their dream to study abroad.

Dzmitry Razalyeu
TALK International

Thank you for an amazing opportunity to participate in another stunning fair.

Planning, organization and execution were absolutely brilliant. Look forward to participating in the future fairs.

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