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STUDY.UA Educational Fair in Odessa, Ukraine:
19th February, 2017

This Educational Fair became the second one after launching new regional STUDY.UA office in Odessa last year. And we are happy to report that this time our exhibition broke new ground!

As it was predicted, the number of STUDY.UA auditory in Odessa is permanently increasing. About 1,200 guests visited our Fair during one day – that is almost twice more than at October event! Luckily, we changed the location to provide enough space both for visitors and participants – this time STUDY.UA Fair took place in Bristol Hotel in the heart of Odessa. We hope that 5 star hotel facilities made Sunday comfortable for everyone!

For the first time in Odessa 30 representatives from 10 countries gathered at one exhibition, which made STUDY.UA Fair the biggest educational event in southern Ukraine. 4 educational seminars, held by foreign representatives, were also successfully organized for the first time.

There were stands of all kinds of education abroad – secondary education, higher education and language courses. 6 STUDY.UA experts have been consulting visitors during all day to help visitors navigate between so many institutions. In addition STUDY.UA presented company’s own projects – Academic Start, Study Academy and Group trips. We hope that wide range of educational programs satisfied all guests and make them potential clients for our partners!

Second STUDY.UA Educational Fair in Odessa proved that this region is really interested in studying abroad. We’d like to thank each of our partners, who took part in exhibition, and invite previous and perspective participants to our next Fair in Odessa. See you in October, 2017!

Positive aftertaste

Angelika Volkman
University of California, Irvine

Thank you so much for the welcoming reception I received today at your office by you, Anna, Olga, Olga, and Daria! It was really a pleasure to meet your team!

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